Springers Dog Club - Agility & Flyball - Agility Training
Agility Training
  • Please keep barking to a minimum to avoid upsetting the local residents
  • Only dogs that are running on a course to be off lead
  • Dogs to be exercised, balls and toys thrown, well away from agility equipment
  • Setup from 11.15am, many hands make light work, so please come and help
12.00-1.00Improvers ClassDogs in Class

Improvers Class

1.00-2.00Intermediate Class Dogs in Class

Intermediate Class
Seymour, Freddie, Isla, Leo, Harry, Tegan, Kiera, Bill, Bella (springer), Albie, Isla Mai, Riley, Lottie, Colin, Bobby, Bella (GSD).

1.00-2.00Advanced Class Dogs in Class

Advanced Class
Holly (Cocker), Amber, Ruby, Mac, Daffyd, Kai, Daisy (Jack Russell), Drift, Robbie, Isla (Springer), Holly (Jack Russell), Daisy (Cocker), Meggy, Taz, Dolly.

2.00-2.30 Allsorts/Veterans ClassDogs in Class

Allsorts/Veterans Class
Earnshaw, Jojo, Vinnie, Holly, Poppy, Meg, Charlie, Freya, Glen, Oscar, Buddy, Bruffy, Barnie, Coco, Shrimp, Max, Sam, Pippa, Flynn, Sally, Arfa.

6.30-9.00 TuesdaysDogs in Class

Mac, Dolly, Amber, Blake, Holly, Bill, Taz, Bella, Isla (Springer), Lottie, Daisy.

Changes to training schedule will be shown below.
Otherwise training will be as normal