Springers Dog Club - Agility & Flyball - Agility Training
Agility Training
  • Please keep barking to a minimum to avoid upsetting the local residents
  • Only dogs that are running on a course to be off lead
  • Dogs to be exercised, balls and toys thrown, well away from agility equipment
  • Setup from 10am, many hands make light work, so please come and help
11.00-12.00Beginners ClassDogs in Class

Beginners Class

12.00-1.00Intermediate Class Dogs in Class

Intermediate Class
Seymour, Freddie, Isla, Leo, Harry, Tegan, Kiera, Bill, Bella (springer), Albie, Isla Mai, Riley, Lottie, Colin, Bobby, Bella (GSD).

1.15-2.15Advanced Class Dogs in Class

Advanced Class
Holly (Cocker), Amber, Ruby, Poppy, Meg, Mac, Daffyd, Kai, Daisy (Jack Russell), Drift, Sammy, Robbie, Isla (Springer), Holly (Jack Russell), Daisy (Cocker), Meggy, Taz, Dolly.

2.30-3.30 Allsorts/Veterans ClassDogs in Class

Allsorts/Veterans Class
Earnshaw, Jojo, Vinnie, Holly, Charlie, Freya, Glen, Oscar, Buddy, Bruffy, Barnie, Coco, Shrimp, Max, Sam, Pippa, Flynn, Sally, Arfa.

7.30-9.00 TuesdaysDogs in Class

Mac, Dolly, Amber, Blake, Holly, Bill, Taz, Bella, Isla (Springer), Lottie, Daisy.

Changes to training schedule will be shown below.
Otherwise training will be as normal