We have been competing in BFA Flyball since 1998 but compete at only a few events each year. This is mainly because we have a very diverse club life and do not devote our energies to any single discipline. However, we are still generally very successful, and we enjoy the competitions we go to, which is the main object of the exercise!

We competed in the finals of the 2007 Crufts YKC Team Competition and finished in fourth place, a great achievement considering it was our first go!

We currently have some very promising teams developing within the club. The Springers Team, Closely followed by the Zebedees, with our third team The Off-Springs being a combination of the most senior dogs and the baby team of new starters. We enjoy our flyball training as fun but are looking for greater things competitively from our flyball teams in the future! We also include flyball demonstrations as part of our show displays and all of our flyball dogs do agility - but not all of our agility dogs do flyball!